Hello, I am Rupinderjeet!

I'm an indie app developer from Punjab, India. I started programming in 2015 and ever since then, I never got tired or bored of programming. My interest in programming led to my carrier as a developer. These days, I try to develop apps and websites while learning more-and-more technologies. If there is anything I can help you with, please feel free to contact me anytime.

I'd love to chat about job opportunities, my projects, programming, or anything on your mind.

2019 - 2022

WIP ARCNM App more_vert
close ARCNM App

A Kotlin/XML app with MVVM + Repository pattern that loads content from business-logic module using Coroutines, Retrofit & JSoup.

I am planning an initial launch before March, 2023.

WIP LSTS App more_vert
close LSTS App

My first Kotlin Multiplatform app with Repository pattern that uses Coroutines, Ktor & Kotlin Serialization. This is a way for me to learn and experience Kotlin Multiplatform.

API Wrapper is being built in separate module independently.

I am planning an initial launch before June, 2023. Probably sooner.

WIP Flutter App more_vert
close Flutter App

An in-progress Flutter app that lets you browse music, artists, podcasts, radios, skits and live shows. It uses Web Radio, HLS/DASH streaming for live shows, while skits & past shows are delivered over VOD streaming. Many other features like Playlists, Library & DRM content delivery is planned.

Flutter · Provider · JustAudio · HLS · DASH · DRM

Since Nov 2021 - Present | Corporate

Memes more_vert
close Memes


With Memes, you can generate memes using text & media from gallery, Imgur, Giphy, Vlipsy, Reddit with the ability to edit, crop, trim, join, filter, position and rotate UI with predefined templates and drafts. The app, also, has a Social feature just like Instagram where you can post memes and add comments.

Kotlin · MVVM · FFmpeg · GPU/OpenGL Filters · Stream Chat · Retrofit · Coroutines

2019 - 2021 | Corporate

2017 - 2019

Liqroo more_vert
close Liqroo

Liqroo was an online liquor store that delivered drinks, beverages and club like experiences at user's doorsteps in London. Current status of the project is unknown and the apps/websites are not available online.

Android/Java app with MVP pattern and Retrofit

2017 - 2019 | Corporate


Anonymous Camera more_vert
close Anonymous Camera

Android app that allowed you to take pictures secretly through volume buttons as shortcuts. No longer available because this can be used to take creep shots of people.

This project will be removed from this list when there are more items to showcase here.


Cross Zero Web more_vert
close Cross Zero Web

I made a tic-tac-toe game when I was learning web development for fun. In future, I might remake it using Flutter Web.

If you want to try it, click here.


Marco more_vert
close Marco

Role-playing 2D platform game I developed using libGDX framework. It features a very basic mario-like gameplay consisting of only one level. This helped me learn how physics and velocity is implemented at the time.

It is not complete. But, I will add a sample build after June (unless I forget to add a reminder).


Gifrand more_vert
close Gifrand

Gifrand helped users find and share random gifs from Giphy's gif database.

These days, as per Usage Terms from Giphy, you cannot save these Gifs to your device.

Sample build is no longer available because I haven't touched this one in ages.


~~ Someday, there will be more items in here! ~~